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13th Annual Brewers Dinner
Thursday 18 October 2018, 06:00pm






Rudder’s Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub is excited to bring you an exceptional evening offering a 4 course Brewer’s Dinner that is an annual event. Each course will be prepared with one of our popular ales and served with a glass of premium ales chosen by Herb Gavel.




Smokey Loaded Potato Soup



Potato, bacon, smoked Gorgonzola cheese in a creamy blonde sauce served


in a baked potato shell topped with cheddar and green onions


..........Complimentary Blonde Rock Ale





Brewer’s Bruschetta



Tomatoes, green peppers, feta cheese and green onions topped with a


brown balsamic reduction


..........Complimentary Town Brown





Red Maple Curried Tuna


A grilled Bluefin Tuna steak topped with a red ale maple curry


served with mushroom risotto and asparagus


...........Complimentary Rudder’s Red Ale



Drunken Chocolate Pumpkin



Town Brown Chocolate crepe filled with a Blonde pumpkin filling


and topped with Salted Caramel


...........Complimentary Rudder’s Town Brown or Blonde Rock




Reservations required


$35 per person. 902-742-7311


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